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Nepalese Association of
Pediatric Dentistry

About Us

The Nepalese Association of Pediatric Dentistry (NAPD) is a national association specifically concerned with the oral health care needs of children in Nepal. It is a nonprofit organization of individuals (Pediatric Dentists) primarily concerned with area(s) of practice, education and research related to the field of Pediatric Dentistry working together for benefit of child’s oral health in Nepal. It aims to improve oral health in children all over Nepal and encourages clinical care to be as accessible as possible throughout the nation. NAPD has 24 Life Members till date.


• Foster friendship, co-operation and co-existence amongst the members of the Association and formulate schemes for the social security of members of the Association.
• Promote, encourage and advance Pediatric Dentistry as a responsible specialized association in Nepal.


• To meet the basic as well as comprehensive, preventive and therapeutic oral health need of infants, children, adolescents and patients with special care needs.
• To collaborate in multidisciplinary teams concerned with the welfare of children.


• This body mission is to work in creating a path and working towards a disease free and healthy community for holistic development for all children in Nepal. The society aims towards the provision of optimal oral care to the pediatric population while maintaining the highest standards of ethics.